The Program


Strip body-fat, lose weight and get lean for life while building lifestyle habits that supports your new found physique.

The program is split into 3 phases, each with tailor-made routines from experienced trainers and nutrition experts.



This program works on a 2 week rotation system. The two systems used are the 3:2:1 and the 4:2:2. Run in 6 week blocks.

The first two weeks will be establishing better eating habits, general cardio and some full body weight training. The next two weeks will then change to more intense forms of training such as metabolic workouts and interval training.

what you get

  • Easy nutrition guidlines
  • Tailored Training program
  • Online profile tracking and management via the app
  • 3 Skype calls
  • Monday - Saturday full email and app messaging support
  • Dedicated personal online coach
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Changed the way I’ve been thinking about myself. Confidence in mind and body. Harrison has really positive attitude
— Paul Heasley
Harry transformed my approach to training. Gave me the desire to never give up and was always able to answer my questions around nutrition.
— Adam Murphy


Your state of mind is super important when it comes to this. This is where you will be working on maintaining and balancing out your new lifestyle and training regime to keep your results.

After your 6-week training period we will book you in for a consultation and to re-evaluate a new nutrition regime and make sure you understand the importance of maintaining your new found physique.

Keeping your positive attitude and new habits will be key in your transformation success.

See client transformations here.

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Lifestyle is where the magic happens.

The is where the real work starts, but you will have built great foundations throughout this program. The reason why your lifestyle is so important is now you have the habits to carry you forward and for you to be able to keep your results.

In doing so, you will now be conscious of your body and YOU have the power over YOU.

You can now enjoy life and not worry about that extra slice of cake!

H is inspirational. Had fun working with him and highly recommend him to any who want to get involved in training.
— Joanne Goddard

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