Online Physique Development Program

( PDP )

How it works

This program works on a 2 week rotation system. The two systems used are the 3:2:1 and the 4:2:2.

The first two weeks will be establishing better eating habits, general cardio and some full body weight training. The next two weeks will then change to more intense forms of training such as metabolic workouts and interval training.

What you get

  • Easy nutrition guidlines
  • Tailored Training program
  • Online profile tracking and management via the app
  • 3 Skype calls
  • Monday - Saturday full email and app messaging support
  • Dedicated personal online coach

The Set Up



3 = 3 meals per day 

2 = Out of the meals, 2 are protein based

1 = 1 regular meal. This would be mainly or evening meal


3 = 3 or more cardio activity per week

2 = 2 resistance based workouts

1 = 1 Leisure activity



4 = 4 meals per day

2 = 2 meals are protein, veg + fats without starch

2 = 2 meals includes protein, veg and starch


4 = 4 weight training workouts or metabolic training

2 = 2 intense interval training sessions

2 = 2 heavy cardio sessions

Simplicity and consistency is a deadly combination.

The system works on a blasting and cruising basis, this ensures that your body does not get stressed out and you can train at optimal performance for the best results!

Workouts will vary slightly throughout the duration of the program, but your coach will asses your progress along the way and make changes when needed.

Easy nutrition guidlines to follow which can be tailored to your individual needs. 


This program is designed for results, so do not expected many 5 star based recipes. Just simple meal planning that get you to where you need to be.


The 4:2:2 weeks will be tough, the workouts are designed to push you and create the biggest metabolic response possible. These workouts are short in duration 20-30 minutes max.

Harder you push yourself, better your results!


The App

After filling out your online questionnaire you will then be signed up to your online profile with all of your nutrition and programs available to you. This gives you real time tracking and accountability. Your coach will also have access to your program and will be able to send you messages along your journey.

The app can be used on all mobile devices.

So no escape!


Ready To Start?

Free  Trial.

If you are ready to change your physique then fill out the free consultation form below, once filled out we will then send you details of how to log in to your free 7 day trail with your personal plan.

Costs - After the free 7 day trail has ended there is an initial cost of £249 for the setup of your first 4 weeks, then £35 per week there after for the duration of your training program. This will be set out within your consultation.