Why MuscleClub, well I wanted to create an environment that can teach people how to lift and train in a group environment to build muscle. You see, nowadays in the 'Fitness' industry we are sold too many supplements, short term results and a lot of false promises. MuscleClub is a nonsense ' Get that shit done' type of vibe with the aims of building some serious muscle.

We will be going through a  3 phase plan working on the 3 elements of building muscle.

  1. Technique
  2. Intensity
  3. Volume

These 3 elements are the key to building actual muscle. You will be notified via email of what's happening in that month so sign up below!

The workouts will be varied but structured, progressions will be added but you cant enter the next stage until you have passed the previous step. Get it right, understand it then move on.

O, this is also completely FREE ! Well minus the initial purchase of the T-Shirt. 

But thats it, a one off purchase for years worth of knowledge worth thousands!


Join The Club

The Hard Work T is all you need to get yourself started. Grab one and join in.


LSPT Studios

Hullbridge Road




Saturday + Sunday