The Method

The Harrison James Method is a mentality based on these 3 principle. Eat To Live, Train Smart, Think Differently. These 3 principles blend perfectly together to create a strong, lean healthy physique for not only aesthetics but longevity too. 


Eat To Live

Eat to live is all bout being conscious of what your eating. This is not a ' diet ' plan per say, it is a lifestyle choice. The saying ' food is thy medicine ' has not been more true in this day and age. 

We are killing ourselves based on the food choices we are making.

Eat To Live gives you guidance on what to eat to stay healthy, strong and lean for life.


Train Smart

You can do all the work in the gym, but if you're not training smart the all that effort can be wasted.

Training smart means knowing what type of training to do for that particular goal. It is on good setting up a treadmill for sprints when you cannot run properly in the first place.

All programs are tailored to you to meet your specific goals. This has come from over 10 years experience within the training scene and learning a lot about expert programming.

This will also be getting you to move more and to reach certain targets throughout the week.


Think Different

One of the favoured parts of the program is the Think Different section. This blends your mentality with thinking outside the box.

In todays world we have a ' best life ' or ' best version of yourself ' type of thinking. So what I am encourgainng here is to think bigger than that. To not think of your best life through ' fitness ' but what you can do for others.

Going through your own transformation and battles can give you tools that you may be able to realte onto others who are not even into ' fitness ' yet !