Get Active Stay Active

6 week course group training course


This program is all to do with your health. 

The aims are to help prevent, manage and improve lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Currently heart disease is the biggest cause of preventable deaths with nearly 9 million deaths per year ( WHO Facts ) 

All of the above can be helped through leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Through this mission we aim to get you reaching recommended government guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise per week! This equates to one of our classes and 2-3 30 minute workout sessions in your own time by following the workouts provided.

By following a clean, healthy nutritious way of living you can start to feel better and look better and sleep better within a matter of weeks! Make sure you dial back on all processed foods such as, sweets, crisps, chocolates and junk foods.


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


The Program

Our aim in getting you active is to get you reaching recommended government guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise per week. This covers the Get Active class, full gym membership and your very own online profile with your two 30 minute beginner workouts added!


Online Tracking + Motivation

To keep you on track with your workouts you will be assigned your very own online coach and your own online profile with regular updated workouts to account for continued progression. You will also be added to the free Facebook group and can send messages to your coach when you feel you need it. ( apart form Sundays, Sundays we take off )

Get Active

The just starting class involves basic body weight movements to help strengthen your body and boxing pad work for your cardio. This is designed to be progressive and not crazy HIT that you see plastered over fitness sites.


Changing your habits is going to be the biggest battle. We have made this super easy for you with easy to follow nutrition guidelines and a basic healthy eating meal plan to get you started.



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Next Start Date - 14 /08/2017

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