How to lose fat Pt 2

Fat Loss Series

Welcome back ! Following straight on from part 1, you should now have your BMR calculation and your Daily Activity numbers.

A recap of mine would be 

BMR = 2000 Daily Activity = 3,500

Now it is said that there is 3,500 calories to 1 LB of fat. We will be using this when we come to set up our calorie levels. But for now a few more calculations.

The next step is to find out our weight, and ideally Body Fat %. The best way to get your body fat % measured is to get a health professional to use Body Callipers to test you. These are one of the most accurate, along with a DEXA Scan. If you are able to get a DEXA scan done then I highly recommend it. You can also use the hand held machines or certain scales do it, but these are not as accurate but will do.

Once you have your weight and body fat its time to get more intricate. With these stats we will be able to work out your Lean Body Mass (LBM) and Fat Mass (FM)

To find out you LBM and your FM you divide your total weight by your Body Fat % you will then be left with something like this:

Weight = 185 LBS / Body Fat % = 15 | 185 / 0.15 = 27.5

LBM = 185 - 27.5 = 160

FM = 27.5 lbs 

What this means is that currently I have roughly 28 lbs of fat on my body. Now not all of this is body fat, some is essential fat that I need. Now If by magic I lost 28 lbs of fat, I would be dead. But if I wanted to get my body fat down to a certain % then this is how to do it.

A quick note on body fat


By looking at this chart and picture you can get a grasp of why body fat is important and how it impacts you. Again we will go into this at a later stage of why unhealthy ranges can cause so many ill health issues.

Back to the calculations.

So, I know I am at around 15% BF lets say for example I has a holiday coming up and I want to get my range within the 10% mark to get a bit leaner. The calculations for this are below.

160/(1 – 0.10) = 177 pounds

Original weight = 185 - 177 = 8

What this means is that to get me in the 10% range I would need to lose around 8 lbs of fat, getting me into my ideal weight.

Now all of this may look confusing BUT with this style you can actually choose and calculate how much you want to lose. As we all have heard someone say I want to lose X amount of pounds but rarely do they achieve it. This way you can !


Now you have all the levels you need to get you started, my advice is to get yourself a notebook and write all this shit down so you can look back on it with ease. Now all you need to do is work out how much you want to lose. If you don't have access to body fat callipers, then you can give yourself a rough estimate  from looking at the picture above.

Once you have done your calculations update your Canva Fat Loss Stat and tag @harrison__james__ 

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